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Global Human Photography is the official website that showcases, sells, and distributes photographs made by Dorte Verner, award winning photographer and development practitioner. Most recently, in 2017, Ms. Verner won the prestigious Nikon 100 Year photo contest and the International Photo Award in both Culture and Traditions and Social Cause categories. Her work is published in many books and magazines and has exhibited in Galleries, Museums, and International Organizations in Brazil, Czech Republic, China, France, Greece, Japan, India, Italy, Mauritania, Uganda, USA, and The United Kingdom.

The images present children, men, and women in their environments through out the World. The photography focuses on people who do not make the news, but who have important knowledge and experience to share. The photos capture their strength and beauty through intimate moments. The body of work includes nomads, refugees, indigenous people, and people affected by climate change, among others. Ms. Verner's portfolio centers on environmental portraits, with images inspired by the lives and livelihoods of people living in extreme situations.

The people in the photographs are from all continents and climates; for example from the high Himalayan Mountains, to the lush Amazon Rain Forest, and to arid Rub-al Khali Desert.   Many are indigenous peoples with strong traditions and cultures that sometimes struggle due to climate change and other changes, such as the Wodaabe in the Sahel, Moken in the Mergui Archipelago, and Inuit around the Arctic. The photographs capture intimate and decisive moments such as refugees in their new home in the camps or settlement or nomads on the move. The people in the images can be voiceless and have little access to the news. Through photographs showing the resilience and beauty of the diversity of people across the planet our hope is that this may change.

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